Weekend Plans Part 2

This is a wonderful weekend to be a chemist in Boston, because we are starting National Chemistry Week on Sunday with an enormous chemistry celebration at the Boston Science Museum. Check out this link: https://www.mos.org/public-events/national-chemistry-week-celebration and plan to be there to celebrate!

But what is National Chemistry Week, you might ask? Well, it started as National Chemistry Day in 1987, and was expanded to a full week of chemistry celebrations a few years later, in 1989. The week is organized by the National American Chemical Society (ACS). Each year it has a theme, and local ACS sections are encouraged to plan a variety of activities for community outreach around this theme. Check out the Wikipedia link for more information about National Chemistry Week (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Chemistry_Week). This year’s theme is Chemistry is Out of This World, so expect a variety of space-related science activities at the Museum of Science Celebration!

Chemistry celebrations not your thing? Maybe you are more interested in the Halloween themes this month! If so, this is a great weekend to get in the Halloween spirit, including with a Jamaica Pond Lantern Parade on Saturday and Sunday evening (https://www.facebook.com/Jamaica-Pond-Lantern-Parade-219220631469591/?__tn__=%2Cd%2CP-R&eid=ARBsW414eywvqGJX4l4cdgyhHwwkqD9DlCFmhpyAiUa7B9GHs4T2U4wSr5uXDBxiG8cpOODZeRyJsrEI) or with a Jack O Lantern journey at the Franklin Park Zoo (https://jackolanternjourney.com/)! Rhode Island area readers and Halloween enthusiasts, check out some of your more local events, including the Jack O Lantern spectacular at the Roger Williams Zoo (https://www.rwpzoo.org/jols).

Enjoy the weekend, scientists! Have fun!

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