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May Weekend: Part 5

I think we have not been spending enough time talking about all the wonderful things that readers can do in Rhode Island, which is too bad, because for a state which is so small and compact, there are actually a surprising number of things to do.

In particular, did you know there was a STEAM center? That’s right, an entire center for children (and their caregivers) to be involved in science, technology, engineering, art, and math (STEAM!) activities. While most of what you find on their website are resources and links to other activities (check it out here: they are running some events of their own over the summer that are sure to be interesting.

Also, there is an engineering museum in East Greenwich Rhode Island that talks about all kinds of technological innovations, with a particular focus on wireless technology and railroad and transportation things. Who knew this place even existed? Check out the website for more information ( and let me know if you go!

Third, the Providence library has a makerspace (, as do a number of other locations throughout Rhode Island. What is a makerspace, you may ask? To be completely honest and not at all sarcastic, it is a space to make things. All snarkiness aside though, makerspaces usually have tools and instruments like three-dimensional printers, sewing machines, and other kinds of crafts that you would need to design and create something of your imagination. It’s sort of like arts and crafts but for big kids. And with fancier toys. Check this out as well.

Happy weekend, scientists! Have fun!

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