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Weekend Plans

What are you up to this weekend, scientists? If you haven’t checked out King Richard’s Faire, in Carver, MA, this would be a great time to try it! Check out the official website here: Basically this is a Rennaisance fair, where you can travel back in time effectively and experience lots of Rennasaice-era entertainment, games, and performaers. Why is it a good idea? First of all, because it’s fun. Second, the research on eduation is pretty clear that this kind of immersive experience in the past can provide lots of educational value for children (and adults too!). The fair is only open through October 21st, so take the opportunity to check it out today!

Also, we are in pumpkin season! You can go pick your own pumpkins in a variety of locations, including Ward’s Berry Farm (local to us in Sharon, MA!) ( Other places include the Lookout Farm in Natick ( or Shelburne Farms in Stow ( Pro tip: Pumpkin picking, unlike apple picking or blueberry picking, is can be very quick (how many pumpkins do you really want, anyway?) so you are best off going to someplace that is close to your home and/or someplace that has multiple activities that can keep your family occupied.

If it is pumpkin season, then it must also be corn maze season! I love corn mazes, personally, as do 2/3 of my children, but be aware that most corn mazes are often not stroller friendly, and can be large and overwhelming, especially to anxiety-prone children. That said, where are your favorite corn mazes? If you haven’t been there yet, be sure to check out the one at Davis Farm. You can spend a whole day lost in the maze, and doing lots of other fun activities at the farm as well.

Happy Autumn, readers! Enjoy!

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