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Another Fall Weekend

It’s going to be a weekend, again! What are you doing? Lots of Halloween options for the last weekend before Halloween occurs, in Boston, my hometown of Sharon, MA, and in Rhode Island.

In Boston, consider the Halloween pet parade (see link here: For real, all jokes aside, do you think they would take kindly to me registering my python for this event?

If domesticated animals aren’t your thing, how about celebrating Halloween at the Franklin Park Zoo? (see link here: In case the lions and other caged animals weren’t terrifying enough for you, now you can add Halloween fear to the mix and really live it up.

Sharon, MA has a Halloween Festival at our favorite Day Camp, Everwood Day Camp. Check out the camp website here: In addition to important information about this event, the website also includes information about why summer camp is so important for children. They don’t have to convince this scientist family – all three junior scientists-in-training are signed up for camp there next summer!

In Rhode Island, did you know there is a Perfect Pumpkin Party in Bristol? Since I never met a pumpkin I didn’t like, I think all pumpkins are perfect! Details of this event below:

Audubon’s Perfect Pumpkin Party - Bristol, RI

Oct 28, 2017 - Oct 28, 2017 Audubon Environmental Education Center, 1401 Hope Street (Route 114) Bristol, RI

Also at night there is a comedy show – lots to laugh about in a perfect pumpkin party kind of day, so think about checking this out as well:

Happy weekend, readers! Let us know what you end up doing!

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