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Fun Fall Activities

Almost the weekend, again, readers? What are you up to this weekend? Looks like plenty of exciting events in the Boston area, including a singing competition at Faneuil Hall Marketplace:, where 40 A Cappella groups will come to duel it out, and you can watch for free! Head of the Charles Regata is also this weekend – watch lots of rowing people row their way down the Charles River and cheer them on – also for free! Check out that website here:

Speaking of the Charles River, did you know that it used to be a toxic waste dumping site of the Watertown Arsenal, a munitions factory? Starting in the 1800s and going all the way until 1995, the factory worked to manufacture important military material, and at the same time, dump its waste right into this river. All of the resulting pollution led the EPA (the Environmental Protection Agency) to classify the Charles River as a “Superfund Site,” or one of the most heavily contaminated areas in this country.

So how did it transform from a toxic waste site into the beautiful river that we see today? Lots of hard work by a lot of people in different organizations, mostly, including the Charles River Watershed Association (check out the link here: and the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority (website for the authority here:

If that’s not enough activity for you, did you know that there is also a vegetarian food festival (also free:, and a comics expo (you guessed it, free again:, and a Fan Fest (a little further out, though – Marlborough for this event:

Going to be quite the busy weekend, readers! Enjoy!!

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