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Weekend Again

What are you planning for this weekend, scientists? It looks like it is just about time for one of my favorite fall activities, pumpkin picking (and pumpkin eating!). For those people who celebrate Halloween, pumpkins also have another purpose, which is for use as jack-o-lanterns later in the season. Important note though: the pumpkins that are best for carving are not the same pumpkins that are best for eating. The best eating pumpkins are usually sugar pumpkins. They can be picked at several locations in Rhode Island (try here: and here: and in Massachusetts (try here: and here: I would strongly advise picking ALL THE PUMPKINS (well, they do last a long time, and also, if one is good, why not buy 20?).

Are you wondering what to do with so many pumpkins? Some of my favorite pumpkin recipes are below:

1. Pumpkin oat waffles: You can substitute basically any orange winter squash – I’ve used butternut squash and acorn squash more times than I can count. Delicious AND gluten-free too!

2. Pumpkin-baked oatmeal: I’ve made these as muffins and then convinced my children they are dessert for breakfast. Same ability to substitute other orange things.

3. Pumpkin pancakes:

4. Pumpkin latte at home (less sugar than Starbucks and also more delicious): Make this. Drink it. Thank me later.

5. Pumpkin chocolate-chip blondies: I know the recipe says cookies, but I’ve always made it as blondies as I have a hard time getting the cookies to keep their shape during the baking process.

6. Pumpkin curry: Note: WATCH the amount of curry powder and red pepper flakes in this recipe and contemplate adding less than called for when you start. You can always add more later.

7. Pumpkin pie smoothie: Yum. Tastes like pie in a cup.

Enjoy pumpkin time, readers! Share your favorite recipes in the comments section below!

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