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My friend convinced me to try some new health and wellness products, made by the company Vasayo ( What do these products do? Well I tried two of them (Vslim and Vtox). The Vslim claims that it will suppress appetite and stabilize blood sugar, which as someone who is mildly hypoglycemic, I was very interested in achieving. The Vtox apparently works to detoxify your body with a propriety blend of chemicals and extracts.

I was more skeptical about the Vtox, mostly because I know that my body has a number of organs whose job it is to detoxify the body from harmful substances, and as far as I was aware, my liver and kidneys were working just fine. What is the Vtox capsules? Black fulvic mineral powder, which according to scientific journals has some ability to remove small organic compounds and trace metals from water. Many of the other active ingredients are listed as plant extracts, which possibly work by providing general fiber and digestion assistance. This is helped by the presence of digestive enzymes in the capsules as well. Finally, the capsules have milk thistle, which apparently helps nursing mothers produce more milk. For the rest of us, there are some flavonoids in milk thistle that can provide detoxifying advantages, although the magnitude of these advantages remains poorly defined.

The main benefit of the Vtox, according to the Vasayo literature, is that it uses liposomal delivery technology to make sure that the supplements are able to be absorbed and be effective. Does science support this claim? Yes, although without detailed knowledge of the liposomal structure it is hard to prove definitively. Basically, the idea of the liposomes is that they provide a protecting “cage” for the active ingredients, that holds them inside the cage and only opens the cage when it gets to the particular biological target.

Did it work when I tried the Vtox? I am not sure, to be honest. My friend told me to drink lots of water while I was taking it, which I did, so I am not sure whether the drinking water helped reduce belly bloat or whether it was the Vtox itself. It doesn’t help that I was using the Vtox capsules right around the holiday season, which was full of ample opportunities for eating and eating and eating some more.

Bottom line: I am pretty sure it can’t hurt, and the chances of seeing benefit are reasonable enough for me to keep using them.

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