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The Party Elements Year in Review 2019

Well it is almost the end of 2018, which means it is time to take stock of what this year has brought The Party Elements! In our first full year of business, we ran 59 events – that is more than one event each week on average. These events included lots of birthday parties (our specialty), and also included library programs, cub scout events, vacation day programs, and even a family reunion. The youngest group of children was the group that joined us for a Mom’s club event, and the oldest group was the people that joined us for a family reunion.

We are especially proud that we were able to work with a number of non-profit groups to bring Party Elements to them at a price that they could afford, and we are also proud to have run several programs for individuals with unique learning needs.

What does 2019 bring? A lot more programs, to be sure, many of which are already scheduled. But that’s not the big news. The big news is that we are planning on franchising, and are in talks to open up new locations in New York City and Washington DC. The Party Elements is coming soon to a city near you! Stay tuned for more information as this develops.

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