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Merry Christmas Readers

OK merry Christmas to all Christmas-celebrating readers. For those of us who are not celebrating, though, what are we supposed to do all day long with our children? It is a little cold outside for extensive outdoor play, although for some reason kids never get as cold as adults under the same conditions. Why is that, I wondered? It turns out that science can explain this too – kids generate more body heat naturally because they are so much more active than adults. However, they are still at risk of hypothermia (and possibly even higher risk than adults!) so try to make sure they are at least somewhat bundled.

But back to the original question – what to do on Christmas? Legoland is open ( and it turns out that this is a great activity for children to build with legos, explore lego-related themes and constructs, go on some indoor rides, and have a great time. Other options include Coco Keys in Danvers, an indoor water park that sells day passes ( and is open for business on Christmas. Slightly younger children? Try out the imagine playspace ( which is full of imagination kinds of games for kids to play. Research is clear that this kind of imaginative play is really good for children, although it is also clear that certain kinds of children may be less amenable to imaginative play (like severely ADHD children or those on the autism spectrum).

What are you up to today, readers? Share your thoughts below.

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