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Cracking the Code

I decided to learn to code using Python. Now, this may not be a big deal in the life of people who actually know how to code, or in the lives of people whose computer knowledge extends beyond shutting the computer down and starting it up again in the face of any challenges. HOWEVER, since I have never taken a computer science class in my life AND since I tend to resort to a forced shutdown of the computer whenever it makes me cranky enough, I decided it was time to learn. Also, I am currently at a workshop at the NSF learning about big data, and apparently coding is a key component of figuring out how to make sense of the data.

So, what are your favorite ways for a real late-comer to learn such important tasks? Beneficial websites, tutorials, computers for dummies, any and all of the above? Feel free to share all of that in the comments section or to message me privately. Also note that I am really computer challenged.

Also, it turns out that people who code have actually rewired their brains to think more like computers, and like their coding languages. How much coding do you need to do to get a computer brain? Presumably more than the amount that I have currently done. Why does this happen? Because, science. Also your brain is highly malleable, even as an adult. This is why playing chess or doing crosswords can help older people reduce their risk of dementia, and it also explains why people who code have differently wired brains than the rest of the population.

Anyway, for more information about how coding affects your brain, check out these links:

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