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Favorite Halloween Science

It is almost Halloween, readers, and even though my family doesn’t celebrate this holiday, over the years we have accumulated a wide variety of spooky science activities that are suitable for all kinds of Halloween-related celebrations and events. Here is a brief run-down of some of my favorite:

1. Puking pumpkins. Carve out a pumpkin and set up an elephant toothpaste experiment inside the pumpkin (yeast, concentrated bleach, soap, and water, for a scientific explosion that will come out of the pumpkin’s mouth! Pro-tip: If you make eye holes on your pumpkin, then the elephant toothpaste will come out of the eyes as well. Video of this exciting activity shown here:

2. Halloween slime. There are lots of ways to make slime that are Halloween-themed, including using glow-in-the-dark coloring for the slime, including craft eyeballs or other alien body parts, and more. Not sure where to get glow in the dark slime making supplies? Check out this Amazon link and enjoy:

3. Make glowing drinks. Tonic water glows blue under backlight illumination, because there is a particular chemical in the water that fluoresces. If you don’t like how that water tastes though, try freezing tonic water to make glowing ice cubes and then adding them to any drink for an interesting glow! More instructions at this link:

4. Bubbling potions. Put eyeballs or other body parts in colored liquids, and then use either an air pump (to push air bubbles through) or dry ice ( to create carbon dioxide bubbles) and make a bubbling potion of body parts. More details available at this link:

5. Make your own glow sticks. You can only do this if you have access to a rael chemistry laboratory, or at least the ability to purchase chemicals such as trichlorophenol, triethylamine, and oxalyl chloride. DO NOT try this at home. If and when I try it in the lab, however, I will video the efforts and share with all of you. See this link for more information:

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