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June Weekend Part IV

This weekend is the start of Free Fun Fridays, where now through the end of August, you can get access to a variety of locations around the Boston area for no money. Zero dollars. Check out the program website at:, and be sure to book some free summer fun. The particular locations that offer free membership varies each week, and you can see the whole schedule of options on the website.

What are some other exciting options for the last weekend in June? This Saturday, June 30th, the Boston Children’s Museum is talking about people who are deaf and hard of hearing throughout the museum, including performances with ASL (sign language), kidstage performances, and dance workshops led by a Deafblind dancer. See the website for more details:, and consider this great opportunity to introduce your children to this important topic. It turns out that hearing children who learn sign language can have significant cognitive development (see:, in the same way that learning any foreign language provides similar advantages. Also, exposing young children to differently abled populations has a significant benefit in increasing their tolerance for diversity (see:

Dora and Diego are still at the Boston Museum of Science, through July 4th, and provide an entire temporary exhibit focused on exploring and adventures. Great opportunity to bring your young ones to see this exhibit before it is gone!

Happy weekend, scientists, parents, readers, and everyone else!

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