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June Weekend Part I

What are you planning for this weekend, readers? If you haven’t headed to the scooperbowl yet (, today is your last day. I tried to find a scientific article that says ice cream is good for you, which I am sad to say, I could not find. Maybe that article does not exist, YET, although if we discover some scientific benefits, we can definitely write about it!

Looking for a free activity for Sunday? Check out “Celebrate World Oceans Day” outside the New England Aquarium ( In addition to lots of hands on activities for kids, there will be tastings of seafood and cooking demonstrations of how to prepare seafood in all kinds of delicious ways. Unlike eating ice cream, which may not have health benefits, eating seafood has lots and lots of health benefits. Seafood has fatty acids (check out: and:, is a good source of lean protein (see:, and can help counteract certain depressive moods (see:

However, certain seafoods can have high concentrations of environmental pollutants like mercury, pesticides, and other compounds (check out:, so it is important to balance the risks and benefits and choose your seafood wisely (writing this while eating a delicious whitefish/tomato sauce/eggplant sauté).

What about Saturday’s plans? If you haven’t gone to the new Discovery Center in Acton yet, this is a great time to go. Lots of bubble explorations scheduled for Saturday June 9th, exploring concepts of surface tension, density, and more! Check out the Discovery Museum website: for more details. Also pro-tip, you can make really great bubbles at home using lubricant (yes, lube). See this website: for more information and a video showing exactly how big those bubbles can be!

Happy weekend, scientists! Have fun!

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