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Weekend Science

It will get warm, it will get warm, it will get warm. Keep saying that to yourself, and soon it will actually be warm. In the meantime, though, be sure to check out the Cambridge Science Festival (, April 13-22. Lots of events all week, including:

(a) The hands-on icky science show for kids Friday April 13th at 3pm, and the 2-4pm open drop in with authors of “Oh, Ick!” (location: MIT Coop; price: free).

(b) Astronomy night, April 13th, 8:30pm-10pm, where you can view stars and other objects with telescopes that are provided (location: 1 Science Park, Garage Roof, Boston; price: free)

(c) Spit for Science! (yes, for real). You can learn about microbiomes and bacteria that live inside the human body. Saturday April 14th, 9am-11am. (location: The Forsyth Institute; price: free)

(d) Science Carnival and Robot Zoo (Saturday April 14th, at the Cambridge Library; 12pm-4pm; cost: free). A zoo filled of robots? Launching rockets? Making and eating liquid nitrogen ice cream? Count me in! Note that the website indicates limited parking and strongly encourages public transportation.

(e) An adult event! How rare! You can go to “The Hackable Museum” Saturday April 14th, 7pm-9pm, and learn about all kinds of museum collections and how to improve and redesign things. Free, drop-in; at the MIT museum, ages 16+ only.

(f) Free admission to the Harvard Museum of Natural History on Sunday April 15th and April 22nd. Location: 26 Oxford St, Cambridge MA, from 9am-12noon both days. Life of microbes? Climate change? Early mammals? Yes please!

Really, though, I think I might have to move into Cambridge for the week to take advantage of all of these activities. Plan to be there. Lots of free fun for everyone!

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