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March Weekend Activities

One more March weekend, and what should we do?

1. Did you know that the Institute for Contemporary Art in Boston has a free kids playdate the last Friday of every month? This weekend is the time to take advantage of this! Art and Science are so intertwined, use many of the same neuronal pathways, and develop many of the same core competencies.

2. There is a really cool exhibit at the Museum of Science open now through April 25th, talking about numbers in nature! When you look around, you start to see so many numbers in nature, so much patterns and symmetry, that an exhibit focused on all of this is simply amazing!

3. The Providence Children’s Museum has some exciting programming this weekend, including visits from Farm Friends on Friday that allow museum goers to meet all kinds of farm animals and interact with farmers. Saturday at the museum includes creative constructions with large scale building materials (“Rigamajig”). There are lots of benefits to hands-on programming for children (and everyone) to get optimal educational experiences, so check out some of these offerings today!

4. And if you just want to hang out at home and do some experimenting there? Also a great plan. Great time to plant some seeds in a jar (, or an eggshell (, or on a cotton ball:

(, or to explore the outdoors for different kinds of leaves and bugs and dirt, or all of the above! Have fun, scientists!

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