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Is Sugar Addictive?

Is sugar addictive? I have avoided (mostly) talking about dieting on this blog, although I am well into my journey to lose 30 pounds courtesy of Weight Watchers. As part of that, I have spent lots of time thinking about, reading about, and discussing the science of weight loss, and really, of diet in general.

It turns out that there are lots of study that support the notion that sugar is harmful, and that excess consumption of sugar is what leads to lots and lots of negative health problems.

“But it is so delicious!” you say, and you think of all the sugar-containing things that you want to eat RIGHT. NOW. (Or maybe that’s just me, and I’m only feeling that way because I am writing while hungry). Is it possible that I am addicted to sugar? Is that a real scientifically accurate term that we can use?

Unfortunately, yes, scientific consensus is that you can be addicted to sugar, and that consumption of sugar activates the same areas of your brain that illegal drug consumption does. Check out WebMD for more information on this:

What can you do about this? If you suspect you are addicted to sugar, quitting cold turkey is probably not advisable, because chances of “relapse” are so high. Instead, try cutting out sugar a little bit at a time, and re-training your body to require less sweets to be satisfied. After a little bit of time on this plan, you will be surprised at how sweet some things will taste and how some of your favorite staples are suddenly too sweet to be desirable!

Anyone else on a dieting plan, readers? Share in the comments below and give me strength!

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