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Weekend Activities

Alright readers, what are you doing this weekend? Looks like it would be a great time to head to Drumlin Farms to learn about how sheep get shorn to make wool, and how that wool can be turned into yarn and then sweaters. Drumlin Farms has a “Woolapalooza” event to do exactly this: Apparently sheep only get their “haircuts” once a year, so there is lots and lots of wool to be shorn.

Why is this the season for sheep shearing? The cold weather is (mostly) over, so the sheep don’t need that kind of protection for right now, and by doing the shearing early in the Spring, they have plenty of time to grow a heavy, warm coat of wool to protect them for the next winter.

Does it hurt the sheep? Most people say not, although PETA (people for the ethical treatment of animals) and some others can disagree. Lots of posts and internet discussion around this issue exist, so check out some links (below), visit a sheep-shearing festival, and judge for yourself:

If you’re not doing that, you can also check out the newly revamped Acton Discovery Museum, which has a great outdoor area as well.

Have fun and stay curious!

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