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Lots of Daylight

Daylight savings time (DST) is here, as of this weekend, so what are you doing to celebrate? If you don’t feel much like celebrating, turns out you are not alone. There are lots of negative health effects that come along with time changes like this, including more heart attacks on the Monday after DST starts, lower rates of in vitro fertilization (IVF) success, and higher rates of stroke, depression, and fatigue. For those people who are also parents of young children (who may not “get” the whole concept), many of these effects can be amplified.

What can you do about this, besides being miserable? Lots of tips are available online, including trying to gradually adjust your bedtime earlier in the week before DST, generally enforcing proper sleep habits, and paying attention to when you exercise to get maximum benefits and limited insomnia.

Also, though, the longer daylight hours at night can be an amazing payoff, especially if you enjoy outdoor activities – bike riding, gardening, jogging, walking around the block – or all of the above! So drink an extra cup of coffee (or two! science says it’s good for you:, and remember that your body will sort itself out in a few days. Enjoy the sunlight, readers!

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