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STEM, STEM, and even more STEM!

This is quite the weekend for STEM-focused activities in the greater Boston area. Brief run-down of the things to do below:

1. OK, if you are a parent or a scientist or both, you should check out the new STEAM making space, the Tech Kitchen, at the Boston Children’s Museum. Local inventors and entrepeneurs can share their information and inventions with visitors, and the space is open every Saturday. I can’t believe I didn’t know about this until now! The Party Elements is looking into when we can share our exciting science with them directly, but in the meantime, check it out yourself:

2. There is a fair of lots of science kids programming that is available over the summer in the greater Boston area! Check it out on March 11th:

( Friendly reminder that The Party Elements is offering our own summer programming through the Sharon, MA recreation center, and that sign up is now open at

3. Girls Day at the MIT Museum! Girls! Science! We are all over this and urge you to check this out this Saturday:

4. DigiGirlz 2 Hour Workshop in the Microsoft Store, with a keynote speaker talking about women in aviation:

Note the following important information: There is a real need for programs and activities that focus on increasing the percentage of underrepresented groups in science. Research shows that children from these groups overwhelmingly do not know a scientist that they think “looks like them” and do not identify with science-relevant majors and professions. We can change that with programs specifically designed for these populations, which in the sciences essentially includes anyone who is not a white, cis-gendered, heterosexual, able-bodied male. This is why female-specific programming, such as those listed in #3 and #4, above, are so important.

Children from all groups and demographic backgrounds learn best through hands-on activities and manipulation, which is why programs like the Tech Kitchen (#1, above) and all the programming highlighted in the STEM fair (#2 above) are so important.

Check out one or more of these activities today!

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