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To Conclude the Shortest Month

Why is February such a short month? Did you ever wonder that, readers? Is that question keeping you up at night? Well, wonder no more! It turns out that the internet has a wealth of information about this very important question (check out here: and here: and here: The short answer is, that when the Romans were first developing the calendar that we use today, they only had 10 months in the calendar, but they needed it to last for an amount of time that would be useful to keep track of the growing season. To deal with this, they had to make the months a variety of different lengths to add up to 355 days in the year, which was the accepted lunar calendar value. After discussing a variety of permutations, they made some months 29 days and some months 31, except for February, which was the last month of the year at that time. February got shortchanged to be 28 days.

Well, I guess there aren’t much consequences to most people from that decision, unless of course you were born on February 29th in a leap year, in which case, you only celebrate a birthday once every 4 years! Happy almost end of the month, readers! Spring is going to be here before we know it!

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