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More February Weekend Ideas

Coming up on another vacation week next week, readers, and lots of options of things to do with your children.

Did you know that The Party Elements is offering a one day program in Kitchen Chemistry through the Sharon, MA community center for children in grades K-3? It’s true. Going to be a great time making candy lollipops (which you can do by making a super-saturated solution of corn syrup and sugar and water and then letting the solution harden into deliciousness), mixing colors into whole milk, experimenting with different ways to make ice cream and milkshakes, and making (and eating) edible slime! Going to be fun and delicious for all involved!

Of course, there are other programs for kids that are available, including a Mass Audubon Program at the Moosehill Wildlife Sanctuary in Sharon, MA, entitled, “Nature Connection and Signs of the Season” ( My younger two kids did a Moosehill program over the December vacation week and had a great time learning all about nature.

Most local YMCAs give you choices too, as does Rock Climbing Camp ( and many other choices.

The scientists of The Party Elements are also running a non-profit free program for high school girls, to help make sure that girls can get interested in science and stay interested. Our Sugar Science Day outreach program will run on Wednesday, February 20th, at the University of Rhode Island. Signup for that event is already closed, unfortunately, but if it is relevant for your family, stay tuned for next year!

Happy sciencing, scientists! Have a great weekend!

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