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With Love from The Party Elements

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow, and in honor of that, let’s talk about favorite Valentine’s Day ideas.

1. Do nothing. For real, just remember, doing nothing is always an option. Remember also that the history of Valentine’s Day is kind of dark, with executions and middle ages and such (, so in some ways it’s kind of odd to be celebrating with flowers and romance and chocolate.

2. You can celebrate Galentine’s Day. No, I did not know this is a thing, either, but apparently ladies can celebrate all the other lovely women in their lives on Galentine’s Day (, which can be celebrated either the day before Valentine’s Day (today!) or on Valentine’s Day itself. I like this idea, even with a husband of 11+ years, because there is something special about female solidarity.

3. Check out some websites with free ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day, if you are feeling particularly romantic and poor all at the same time - see link: ( I have a fun time envisioning how I would set up any of these with the mild-mannered scientists-in-training around, especially the one which is supposed to have lovely and romantic balloons. (“Balloons, Mommy! Let’s play keep it up! Can we put sticks through them without having them pop? (Yes. Yes you can.))

Are you celebrating Valentine’s or Galentine’s Day or Happy Wednesday tomorrow? Let us know in the comments below!

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