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Another January Weekend

Another weekend coming up, scientists! Still January, still cold (albeit a little less frigid). What are you doing? How about some ice skating or snow tubing? Confessions: I have not yet taken my children ice skating, mostly because I am so bad at ice skating and the skates always seem to hurt my feet, plus, it’s always annoying to get the skates on and tie the laces tight and can’t we just stay home and be lazy?? NO. No we cannot. So this weekend, we are going to try ice skating.

For our first time, and given the relatively young ages of my children, we’re going to be trying indoor ice skating to limit the crankiness factor. Luckily there are plenty of options for indoor skating, including at the Rodman Arena ( and public skating available at the Norfolk Arena (

However, outdoor ice skating is a big deal in New England, so think about Frog Pond ice skating ( There is also a fun-looking outdoor ice skating path at City Hall Plaza ( with lots of afternoon hours available for fun.

Snowtubing is another one of my favorite winter activities, although check minimum age/height requirements especially if you are traveling with small people. Nashoba Valley, for example, has great snow tubing but says participants have to be 42 inches or 6 years old. Unfortunately for our family, the littlest scientist in training meets neither criteria. Yawgoo Valley snowtubing also says 42 inches, as it turns out ( But….not to worry, there is an option! Take smaller people to Amesbury Sports Park, where children as young as 4 years old can snowtube, even if they are less than 42 inches tall, as long as they wear a helmet when they do so ( Guess I know where we’ll be next weekend….

Happy weekend, readers! Do something fun!

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