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Fun Winter Weekend Ideas

What are you doing this weekend, readers? Still lots of fun Boston-area activities for the holidays. Some ones that you will not want to miss include:

1. Last weekend to see the performance of The Velveteen Rabbit (website and more information here: I am going to confess, I have never seen this show, but all reviews and things I have read about it look spectacular. We will be checking this out, to be sure.

2. A Sunday evening event at the Boston Children’s Museum: Looks like you need to buy tickets in advance for this though, so be sure to do so before they sell out! Honestly, I think we would love to be there, but most of my family is an exhausted mess by the time Sunday evening rolls around, so chances are not high that we will make it.

3. We will be at the new Star Wars movie, apparently. Full disclosure: I don’t like Star Wars, I don’t watch Star Wars, I tell my kids I am allergic to Star Wars. None of those facts have appeared to dissuade the kids from enjoying every aspect of Star Wars they can get their hands on. So, (sigh), we will apparently be at the new movie this weekend, together with large numbers of other families who probably feel similarly.

4. Rhode Island readers, you can still seal watch this season (, but prepare to be cold. Really. A Holiday Lantern Tour ( of how early Americans celebrated holidays also looks like fun (and it is on land, so, probably, warmer). Finally, try some caroling in Providence on Sunday late afternoon/ evening ( I have never tried this myself, but singing with strangers. What could be more fun than that?

Happy weekend, all!

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