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September Weekend Activities

It’s Thursday, readers, and you know what that means? The weekend is coming sooner than you might think! For our family, at least, this was the first week back to school, and that means the first week back to daily lunches, homework, waking up early, and all the fun stuff that goes along with that. This weekend we are hoping to spend some time recovering from this week, but also go to what looks to be a very exciting event for the whole family: HASCON (, billed on their website as “The Premier Hasbro Fanmily Event.”

This is not a cheap activity (a one-day pass for an adult is $60; youth ages 3-15 is $30; youth 2 and under is free), but for that price, you can spend all day playing with Transformer figures (including figures that are new for 2018), take selfies with Optimus Prime and the rest of the Transformers cast, spend time in the Nerf arena testing the Nerf Modulus “Build-A-Blaster” and Flying Disc Golf (disclaimer: I have no idea what these are but they sound like fun!), take part in a Star Wars lightsaber assembly, and much more! I am fairly sure we are going to be there on Sunday for THE. ENTIRE. DAY.

OK, but if you are not going to HASCON, what else can you check out this weekend that is science-themed? How about Fungineers ( As its name suggests, fungineers is a program designed to have fun with engineering. They have drop-in hours, and a number of one-time and recurring classes as well. You can sign up for a monthly membership and then use that membership for discounts on classes and other activities. Fungineers are located in Norfolk, MA, and children as young as 5 years old are welcome to play in the Maker space, design circuits, and more! Sounds like a great idea to add as an activity for a rainy Sunday.

Did you check out either of these activities? Let us know what you thought!

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