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Science Friendly Activities to Check Out This Weekend! (Part 5)

Locals, what is everyone up to this weekend? This scientist-parent-party planner is going to be trying my hand (and feet, and all body parts) at the Sharon Triathlon ( Same day signups are probably still available, if you have the last-minute inclination to come join me (and two of my family members) at what is sure to be an exciting and somewhat painful race. If not, here are two of my favorite August activities: (1) ALL THE WATER THINGS; and (2) PICKING, COOKING, AND EATING ALL THE TOMATOES.

Water first: It’s the second weekend in August, and before you know it, everyone is going back to school, and then it’s going to be another New England winter (yes, I said that word, sorry!). While it is still warm and sunny, we might as well enjoy all the water. Last weekend my family and I went to the Cape Cod Inflatable Water Park (, which is new for us. If you’ve never been there, it can best be described as a cross between a water park, a trampoline park, and a lot of bouncy houses. There are both water and non-water inflatable rides, and they also have a separate toddler section (greater for children under 43 inches; children under 48 inches are also allowed to enter). Be advised that both the toddler section and all the water slides close at 6 pm, but luckily there is plenty to do with the non-water rides until the park closes at 10 pm (although we did not stay that long!). Also, also, and this is key: there is ample seating in the shade for adults who are supervising children, and they only charge people who are actually going on the ride. This meant that I could go and supervise my toddler (and two older boys) and pay no money for my participation. Overall highly recommended. Check it out today and let us know what you think!

Another water option: Let’s say you are not actually in the mood to spend 2+ hours in the car on your way home from Cape Cod, all the while listening to your overtired toddler screaming, and vomiting, and then having the smell cause your other child to vomit (hypothetically speaking, of course, this would never happen in my family) – there are lots of local splash pads, sprinklers, outdoor pools, etc – many of which are free! We’re planning on checking out the Beaver Brook Spray Deck in Belmont ( and the Artesani Park and Wading Pool in Brighton – as soon after the triathlon as I can walk again!

***Lots of tomato picking options in the next blog post, coming tomorrow!

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