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Science-Friendly Activities to Check Out This Weekend

Looking for fun science-related activities to keep you and your children entertained this weekend? Check out last week’s blog, or some of the ones shown below:

1. Friday night observatory in Charlestown Rhode Island - No need to go all the way to Boston ( to look at the sky. You can see the same sky here in Rhode Island, every Friday night in the summer, free of charge. Fun science fact: did you know that the first telescope was invented in 1608 by a Dutch eyeglass maker named Hans Lippershey? Me neither! Check out the observatory’s website ( and go visit this weekend!

2. Save the Bay Aquarium in Newport – The July theme is Sharks. Sharks!! Did you know that shark skeletons are made entirely of cartilage (the soft stuff that the tips of our noses and ears are made of), that sharks are 9 times more likely to attack a man than a woman (female power!), and that you have a greater chance of being struck by lightning or dying from a bee sting than being killed in a shark attack? Options to help feed the animals in the aquarium’s “feeding frenzy” are also available, but advanced registration is required. Check out their website for more details:

3. BIOMES Marine Biology Center – Did you know we have an educational marine biology center right here in Rhode Island ( Makes sense to me that a state nicknamed “The Ocean State” should have a center that showcases all the animals that live in our ocean. Fun fact: Rhode Island has 400 miles of coastline even though it is only 37 miles wide and 48 miles long. 400 miles! Check out the marine biology center or go and visit some beaches and experience the coastline for yourself! In addition to standard exhibits at the marine biology center, the center also has some public demonstrations for animal feeding times. Check out their website and plan your visit.

4. Wright’s Dairy Farm – Have you ever seen a cow being milked? No? Well, neither have I, to be honest, but it turns out that you can watch this right here in Rhode Island, at Wright’s Dairy Farm and Bakery (check out their website here: ). In addition to watching the cows be milked (every afternoon 2-4 pm), you can also buy farm fresh dairy products and freshly baked cakes. Sounds delicious to me!

More next time, fellow scientists. Have a great weekend!

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