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Science-Friendly Kid Activities to Check Out This Weekend

Almost the weekend again…still the summer…car is so full of sand that you wonder how there could be anything left on the beach…. …. house is full of approximately 100 towels that are hanging from every available surface to dry…Anyone else feeling this way or is it just my family, my car, and my house? If you are feeling like you need to get out of the house this weekend, here are some fun science-friendly events to check out in our local area:

1. Boston Museum of Science:Did you know there is a Discovery Center for younger kids located in the museum? It only took me 10 times of visiting this place to figure that out myself. Great for my 2-year-old daughter and 5-year-old son. Even the almost 8-year-old enjoys it too (although he would prefer the playground exhibit (Science in the Park) and the Live Animal Care Center. Did you know that there is also free star-gazing every Friday night from 830pm-10pm between March and November? Call 617-589-0267 after 5:30pm on Friday to confirm, because the event does get canceled in bad weather.

2. Boston Children’s Museum:This museum is actually for children of all ages and even some parents too! Personal favorites include the bubble room (right as you enter the museum); the ball room, where kids can explore how golf balls roll on all kinds of ramps and even build some of their own ramps; and the younger kid play area in the corner on the second floor. In addition to all of their regular exhibits, Saturdays are designated “Science Days” at the Museum. There is a Mini Maker Weekend this weekend Friday July 14th and Saturday July 15th for kids of all ages. Check it out!

3. Providence Children’s Museum:The water room in this museum is outstanding, and offers young children the opportunity to figure out how to direct water flow using all kinds of tools. The outdoor climbing structure and play area is an added bonus, especially when the weather is good (as it is expected to be this weekend). They also have a special calendar of events (see HERE), and this weekend they are doing Imagination Playground for children between 11am and 2pm each day.

4. Mystic Aquarium:OK, so this is neither in Rhode Island nor in the greater Boston area, but it is without a doubt worth the drive. Three words for you: Sea Lion Show. I’ve been to this aquarium more times than I can count, and I always learn something new. Touching the sting rays and the sharks (each in their own touch tank) as well as visiting the penguins are all favorites of my family. Did you know that they also offer family overnight options ( I didn’t either until one of my friends told me about it.

More activities will be highlighted next weekend! Stay tuned.

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