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Weekend Science

Happy spring, readers! What are you all up to this last weekend in April?

If you are in the Bedford, MA area, think about checking out “Learning Express,” which is an activity center and a toy store full of hands-on things for children to do. This weekend, children are invited to make a ninja on Friday, greet Captain American on Saturday, or make a mask on Sunday. Check out their website for more information:

Looking for good food and a fun experience? Why not check out food truck Friday at the Roger Williams Zoo ( Lots of vendors at this free event, which also includes the opportunity to ride on the carousel.

This is also one of the last weekends to check out the “Nature’s Superheroes” exhibit at the Boston Museum of Science ( This exhibit focuses on creatures that live under extreme conditions, such as deep in the ocean, at extremely cold temperatures, or in extremely hot climates. The adaptations that these creatures have made to survive are truly extraordinary, and highlight how evolutionary adaptation has been a real life-saver for these intriguing species.

While you are there, think about checking out the exhibit on quantum computing ( I know next to nothing about quantum computers, but I am extremely curious in finding out more! This curiosity is general, but also specifically driven by figuring out what kinds of cool things can be accomplished using such quantum computing.

Happy weekend, everyone! Whatever you are doing, make it fun and exciting!

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