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Why is it Still So Cold?

WHY. IS. IT. STILL. SO. COLD. For real, New England readers, what is up with all of this cold? Well if you are like some famous people, you may be using the cold to decide that global warming is all a hoax (check out reports of that infamous tweet: and Note, in case you are wondering, global warming is a real thing, scientists have overwhelming demonstrated it to be so, and as many of the writers point out in the faulty logic, there could still be hunger in this world even if I personally am full right now.

But for real, what is up with this weather? Well, for real, global warming has made it this cold, according to this article:, which indicates that changes in the air flow have sent really cold Canadian air to the Midwest and Northeastern United States. What is really unusual about this cold is how many days it has lasted (see here:, with most cold spells that occur in the winter usually lasting only 2-3 days on average. Take heart, though, warmer days (closer to 30 degrees Fahrenheit), will be coming soon.

In the meantime, though, take the warnings seriously on how to avoid frozen pipes. Frozen pipes are a mess. Don’t leave soda in your car, because it will definitely freeze and burst and be a mess. Both of these, unfortunately, I know from first-hand experience. Drink tea to stay warm, but be aware that alcohol and caffeine can both reduce blood flow to the extremities so even if they make you feel like you are getting warm, they will not actually make you warm. And take heart – spring will be here eventually….they say. Stay warm, readers! Good luck!

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