January 15, 2019

One of my friends forwarded me a video she found online, which I am sure many of you have also seen. It involved taking a piece of coal, heating it up, and then covering it in peanut butter before freezing the entire mixture for a few days. Apparently if you then scrap...

December 12, 2018

So I got in the mood today to electrocute a pickle, and figured it would work as an exciting demonstration for some of my students. After much optimization in terms of the electricity necessary to do this, I am proud to say that we were successful and did in fact elect...

June 14, 2018

 Another weekend coming up, and lots and lots of activities to do. First of all, strawberries. The picking season for strawberries in New England is June, and it is such a short season, so get picking! Our family’s favorite is Ward’s Berry Farm in Sharon, MA 


March 27, 2018

Is sugar addictive? I have avoided (mostly) talking about dieting on this blog, although I am well into my journey to lose 30 pounds courtesy of Weight Watchers. As part of that, I have spent lots of time thinking about, reading about, and discussing the science of wei...

February 6, 2018


I’ve been thinking a lot about what kinds of drinks are good for your health, what are less good, and what tales around this are all kind of made up anyway. So, here goes:

Myth 1: Drinking diet soda makes you fat. No. No it does not. Thin...

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