October 30, 2018

It is almost Halloween, readers, and even though my family doesn’t celebrate this holiday, over the years we have accumulated a wide variety of spooky science activities that are suitable for all kinds of Halloween-related celebrations and events. Here is a brief run-d...

October 25, 2018

In case you missed last weekend’s National Chemistry celebration at the Museum of Science, do not despair! The week ends with a similarly exciting celebration at the Boston Children’s Museum on Saturday (http://www.bostonchildrensmuseum.org/calendar/national-chemistry-...

October 23, 2018

Sometimes, I think to myself that I need to spend more time playing with dry ice. I imagine that this thought is not universally shared, but nonetheless, let’s talk about all the things we can do with dry ice.

First, a note of caution: Handling dry ice can be dangerous...

October 18, 2018

This is a wonderful weekend to be a chemist in Boston, because we are starting National Chemistry Week on Sunday with an enormous chemistry celebration at the Boston Science Museum. Check out this link: https://www.mos.org/public-events/national-chemistry-week-celebrat...

October 16, 2018

Let’s say you wanted to build a robot, and you wanted to do it on a relatively low budget and accessible to young children. This was my challenge one weekend over the summer, when I decided to robot building at a camp I was working at, with children as young as 4, and...

October 11, 2018

What are you up to this weekend, scientists? If you haven’t checked out King Richard’s Faire, in Carver, MA, this would be a great time to try it! Check out the official website here: https://kingrichardsfaire.net/. Basically this is a Rennaisance fair, where you can t...

October 9, 2018

So you are thinking you want to make a rocket…. or maybe not you, but you have an elementary-school aged child who has made rockets, or seen rockets, or dreamed about rockets….and you have no idea where to start. This was the story of my life about a month ago, when my...

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